Approach to working with ASDs

Julia and Ellen believe that neurological and behavioural disorders are due to toxicity. They feel that the body, and most importantly the brain, are blocked due to an accumulation of toxic substances, such as heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, medications and pathogens.

Julia and Ellen do not believe that neurological and behavioural disorders are life-long conditions that one is born with and must live with throughout one’s life, and they do not believe that the best that one can hope for is to medicate with pharmaceutical drugs in order to control the condition.
Instead they work to remove the energetic imprints of these toxic substances. With the use of homeopathic remedies, they work to clear their client’s blockages. And once these individuals have been detoxified, Julia and Ellen use classical homeopathy (Bombay method), and Inspiring homeopathy (Tinus Smits), in order to complete the healing process.
Unlike most homeopaths, Julia and Ellen do not uniquely use classical homeopathy.  They find that this can have very limited results in complex disorders like autism. Instead they work to clear the numerous toxic agents that have built up in their client in conjunction with using core remedies, which trigger the body to heal and regain homeostasis.
And unlike homeopaths that work with time-lines, and work from present day backwards, Julia and Ellen prefer to look at etiology and go straight to the source. If a child has never been well since a particular vaccination or illness, then that is where they go first. Their work has been greatly influenced and inspired by Tinus Smits of the Netherlands, and they are the first in Canada to use his approach.