What is homeopathic detoxification?

We are being bombarded, as never before in history, by toxic substances and contaminants, used in our homes, on our foods, and in our vaccinations and medications.  These build up in the fatty tissues of our bodies, creating blockages and wrecking havoc with our metabolic pathways……slowly poisoning us.

Isotherapy is a specialized branch of homeopathy that offers the possibility of reversing this situation.  Through administering remedies that tackle head on the causative factors that have lead to this toxic build-up, Julia and Ellen get to the root of the problem; to the reasons behind many disorders and illnesses….and eliminate them.   Isotherapy actually triggers the body into releasing the harmful physical substances, and their energetic imprints, thus allowing for the restoration of the many normal functions that had been hindered

The beauty of Ellen and Julia’s approach is that the remedies are very easy to administer, they taste good, they are very affordable, the protocols are easy to follow, and they are non-toxic, stimulating the natural healing processes of the body.

Their goal is to assist her client in his or her own healing so that he or she will be well, and will no longer have to suffer with impairments, follow highly restrictive diets, or have to take medication in order to function in daily life, at school and at work.

And with their approach, Julia and Ellen get to the causes of the problem, and by removing them, promotes health and well being.