Ellen Bockus

Ellen Bockus, ND, DHom is a naturopath, homeopath and a trained Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a holistic therapist who believes in treating the whole person. Her “raison d’être” is to assist individuals to achieve and maintain health so that they can live their lives to the fullest and express their full potential. Each person is a unique and amazing being with much to offer the world.As is the case with many therapists, Ellen chose this profession as a result of personal experiences surrounding health, love and life. She has extensive experience working with children on the Autistic spectrum and an interest in this domain that comes from personal family experiences. She presented a master’s level thesis in 2008 on inoculations, post-vaccination injury and on vaccine alternatives (homeopathic prophylactics).

As well as being one of only 3 CEASE certified practitioners in Canada (she completed the training and certification program in the Netherlands, and was in the first group of internationally qualified homeopaths to do so), Ellen works with classical homeopathy, nutrition, Chinese medicine, some supplements and herbs. Ellen sees people suffering from a variety of emotional and or physical issues as well as having experience helping people recovering from side effects that appear to be caused by vaccinations or other substances and toxins. She is a member of montrealhomeopaths specializing in work with ADHD and Autism Spectrum families.

She is a member of ANPQ and SPHQ and can give receipts for insurance purposes.

Please visit Ellen’s website at www.ellenhomeopath.com where you can find added information in both French and English.

Ellen Bockus, ND, DHom est naturopathe diplomée, homéopathe diplomée et certifiée dans la méthode CEASE (Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression). Elle travaille de façon holistique et son approche est individualisée. Sa « raison d’être » est d’accompagner ses patients vers la santé afin qu’ils puissent exprimer leur plein potentiel. 

Ellen est membre de la SPHQ et de l’ANPQ et offre des reçus pour fin d’assurances.

Pour en savoir plus, Ellen vous invite à visiter son site au www.ellenhomeopath.com