Who is Julia?

Julia Bronfman

Julia Bronfman DHom is a classically trained homeopath who has been passionately involved in the world of autism spectrum disorders since 1994. She is a founding member of Generation Rescue, and has been a rescue angel since 2005, the same year that she completed her DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) practitioner’s training.  In 2006 she participated in a “Conference on Curing Autism” using sequential homeopathy, and in 2009 Julia completed a master’s level thesis at MICH, along with four colleagues, on healing children with ADHD through autism, using homeopathy. She is the first and only Canadian to have studied Inspiring Homeopathy with Tinus Smits.
Julia is a certified CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) therapist.  She completed the training and certification program in the Netherlands, and was in the first group of internationally qualified homeopaths to do so.  www.cease-autism.com  In fact, Julia had a special relationship with Tinus, the creator of CEASE, and she was one of the editors of his book Autism Beyond Despair.
Julia is also a graduate of the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, and she continues her post-graduate studies with the school’s founder, and her mentor, Judyann McNamara. www.homeopathymontreal.com
Why choose Julia?
Julia offers to her clients a 30 year infatuation for homeopathy, compassion and appreciation for her client’s uniqueness, an innate ability to instinctually and intuitively understand her clients, and an aptitude for accumulating a wealth of knowledge that can assist her clients in their healing.
Julia welcomes clients with both physical and emotional difficulties. And she brings both professional and extensive life experience to the table. Julia can speak from the heart as someone who too has had to overcome great obstacles in order to heal.
One particular area of interest for Julia is working with children and she sees many young clients with leukemia, cerebral palsy, autism, asthma/allergies, epilepsy and attention and behavioral challenges.  Julia also works with many who have had side effects from vaccinations, and she offers homeopathic alternatives to those seeking other options.
And finally, Julia is a certified Interactive Metronome provider (www.immontreal.com).  IM is a computer based program proven in multiple studies to improve attention, coordination, control of aggression/impulsivity, reading and language processing.