Lise Raymond

Lise Raymond, ND, D.Hom

From very early on, Lise has been interested in working at the heart of community organizations towards the humanization of healthcare. She took part in a committee for the humanization of the childbirth process and a help center for victims of sexual aggression. After her third pregnancy, she undertook studies in naturopathy (L’école de Naturopathie du Québec) and homeopathy (Collège d’Homéopathie du Québec), and has practiced in these domains since 2000. Lise decided in 2006 to deepen her knowledge at MICH. She wanted to create, with homeopathy, an invitation to change, in an environment of confidence and respect. For Lise, homeopathy is a path to find this capacity that each human being has to advance and progress towards a better state of being.

Areas of specialization: GENERAL, WOMEN AND CHILDREN